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The Advertiser's Image

The Advertiser's Image
(Kevin Becker)

1. The advertiser's image is running through the softness
   Of the dawning of our days
   Flashing countless billboard signs saying
   Here we are, hey, we're the ones
   To show and make you sense
   Sense what you have never seen or felt before

2. The advertiser's image speaks to us in sleepy thoughts
   And says again and then again
   Here we are, hey, we're the ones
   Who'll drive that word "acceptance" home
   So you can feel your "part"
   And wear a uniform that's neither real nor fake

3. The future is a present from an image that has yet to come
   And now their flash seems clear to me
   They've told us who we "need to be"
   So we stand up tall in their sculptor's mold
   As statues nearly sold
   Adding forever to the sum of their ideas

copyright Kevin Becker

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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