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Mrs. Adlam's Angels

Mrs. Adlam's Angels
(Brian Bower?)

Sundays as a rule, us kids went to Sunday school
And Mrs. Adlam's said, angels stood by our bed
To keep us safe from dark, right through to days begun
We used to to lie awake, just to try and see one
And though we never saw one anywhere
We heard them softly sing, in the air

Sundays occationaly, we were invited back for tea
And bread with jam and cream, made sundays seam a dream
And in the dim musician hall, Mrs. Adlam playing
n the cold ocean hundred men were drowned in t
With Mrs.Adlam's angels everywhere
And we thought we saw a halo in her hair

Sundays for sure, aren't like that any more
It's getting hard for me, to see her face in front of me
I wonder if her angels have their arms around here curled
They're keeping her safe from harm,
protecting her from the world
One a summer sunday evening, do I dare
Hear Mrs. Adlam's angels in the air?


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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