Digital Tradition Mirror

After Hours

After Hours
(C. McGettigan)

Go in thru the side door, no need to worry now the coast is clear
We can make a little music for the night is ours,
       it will sound a lot sweeter, after hours

After hours, really let your hair down
After hours when the lights are low
Forget about your troubles and mornin blues
Put up another round (2x)

Paddy sings a song like a good man,
  sing it in your own way like only you can
You can give it all you feeling for the floor is yours
  it will sound a lot sweeter, after hours

Chorus, then slow tune

Out in the clear light of mornin',
  the street seems so strange in the early mornin
Never hears the birds sing like this before
  and they sound a lot sweeter, after hours


Copyright Swing Music
Recorded by The Battlefield Band

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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