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Lovely Agnes

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Lovely Agnes
(Sally Rogers)

1. and Chorus:
   Oh Agnes, won't you go with me? We'll be married in style
   And we'll cross Lake Michigan, so blue and so wide,
   We'll cross over Lake Michigan, 'til we come to the shore,
   And our orchards will blossom for our babies as they're born.

2. Oh yes, love I will go with you, leave Wisconsin behind
   Though my parents think little of my life on a farm,
   For to leave the gay city life, and be buried on a farm,
   But I'll watch the orchards bloom in spring,
   Spend the winter's warm in your arms.

3. Three children she gave to him, Curtis, Addie and Dee
   And their fourth child little Gussie came, ten years after these.
   And she raised them with loving hand and with firmness of mind
   And  she  raised them through  troubled  times,  Agnes  strong
        willed and kind.

4. Now the years have gone and past, like the fruit on the trees,
   And your children have children with babes on their knees
   And they all join in the summertime, by the crystal lake shore,
   To greet lovely Agnes, now 12 years and four-score.

   written for Sally's grandmother Agnes' 92 b-day.
   Copyright Sally Rogers 1982
   recorded by Sally on Unclaimed Pint
   @pioneer  @America @love

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