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My Ain Folk

My Ain Folk

Far frae my hame I wander but still my thoughts return
To my ain folk ower yonder in the sheiling by the burn
I see the cosy ingle and the mist abune the brae
And joy and sadness mingle as I list some auld-warld lay.

cho: And it's Oh but I'm longing for my ain folk
     Tho they be lowly, puir and plain folk
     I am far beyond the sea but my heart will ever be
     At hame in dear auld Scotland wi' my ain folk.

A bonnie lassie's greetin' though she tries to stay the tears,
And sweet will be our meeting after mony weary years,
How my mother will caress me when I'm standing by her side,
Now she prays that heaven will bless me though the stormy seas divide.

This is a very popular song in Scotland and has
been recorded many times by the likes of Moira Anderson,
Kenneth McKellar, Andy Stewart and the Alexander Brothers. AC


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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