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I Ain't Givin' Up on Love

I Ain't Givin' Up on Love
(Kevin Becker)

1. When I was young at sixteen
   I met a pretty girl
   Her eyes were blue, her hair fell to the floor
   Her kisses were like wine
   And she sure "toed the line"
   Till she told me that my pockets were too poor


   But I ain't giving up on love
   No I ain't laying down
   Even though it seems I'm losing every round
   And I will love again
   I don't know where or when
   But some gal and I will share a life of love

2. Well once again
   Yes I thought I was in love
   With a gal, she was from a foreign land
   But she whispered kind of low
   In a voice I didn't know
   As she told me she was married to another man


3. Well Love happens now and then
   Once or twice a year
   But these gals they always seem to cry the blues
   Some say they love to sing
   Some know how to "pull the string"
   And others, it's when you win that's when you lose


Copyright Kevin Becker, 1985

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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