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Ain't Leavin' Your Love

Ain't Leavin' Your Love
(Townes Van Zandt)

Well, Mr. Gator, he's a-glidin' down the bayou;
Mr. Buzzard, he's a-slidin' through the air
Mr. Turnip, he's a-hittin' the highway.
I ain't goin' nowhere

I ain't leavin' your love; I ain't leavin' your love.
Not for heaven above, Babe, I ain't leavin' your love.

Well the poor man got him an airplane;
Tryin' to cruise across a traffic jam
Well, the rich man got him a Chevrolet;
I'm stayin' right where I am.


Well, now, Hannibal, he climbed the mountains,
And Cleopatra danced down the Nile
Lindberg made all the way to gay Paris;
I'm stayin' right here awhile.

CHORUS (twice)
copyright Townes Van Zandt

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