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In Alabama 1958

In Alabama 1958

The cost of human life was very low
A man who's black is trampled on
Just like men were a thousand years ago

     But these are more enlightened days
     Cruel men and savage ways we left long ago
     Now everyone can walk their road in peace
     For all are free!

Five thousand years ago a million men
Were gathered into royal Egypt's hands
Bound together, forced to build
Pyramids of stone in desert sand

Oh Mary's son walked through a land of woe
Dreaming of the world as it could be
The good and lawful men of Rome
Nailed him like a robber to a tree

In Britain just a hundred years ago
The gaols were full of poor and hungry men
Diggers, chartists, many more
Fought and died and rose to fight again

Last year a Negro stole a dollar bill
The judge he said "We mustn't be severe
Instead of death we'll give him life imprisonment
To show there's justice here"

And so throughout the ages we have seen
How progress marches ever on its way
No rack, no wheel, no Spanish boot
For Alabama's prisoners today

The plague still runs throughout the world today
Johannesburg to Notting Hill and back
A plague of ignorance and hate
Some walk in fear because their skin is black

So in these more enlightened days
No room for all these savage ways
Leave them, let them go
Now everyone should walk their road in peace
Let all be free!


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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