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All the Times You're Gone

All the Times You're Gone
(Utah Phillips)

I look to see the wild flowers bloomin'
And wonder why they seem so plain.
The springtime rides the brown hills over
Young birds sing in a silver rain.

     I think of you as the night rolls by
     You're on my mind the whole day through
     Far away in a lonesome city
     All the times you're gone, I think of you.

And when my world is turned to sunlight
And the dust clouds stand in a summer sky
I number all the climbin' roses
Watch to see the milkweed fly.


And when I hear the south wind moanin'
Like an angels voice from a far off shore
My days slip by like light snow fallin'
Or the dry brown leaves blown by my door.

CHORUS (twice)

Copyright Bruce Philips

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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