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Anderson's Coast

Anderson's Coast
(John Warner)

Now Bass Strait roars like some great millrace
--And where are you, my Annie?
And the same moon shines on this lonely place
As shone one day on my Annie's face.

Cho: But Annie dear, don't wait for me.
     I fear I shall not return to thee.
     There's naught to do but endure my fate,
     And watch the moon, the lonely moon,
     Light the breakers on wild Bass Strait.

We stole a vessel and all her gear
--And where are you, my Annie?
And from Van Diemen's we north did steer
Till Bass Strait's wild waves wrecked us here.

And somewhere west Port Melbourne lies
--And where are you, my Annie?
Through swamps infested with snakes and flies.
The fool who walks there, he surely dies.

We hail no ships, though the time it drags.
--And where are you, my Annie?
Our chain-gang walk and our government rags.
All mark us out as Van Diemen's lags.

We fled the lash and the chafing chain.
--And where are you, my Annie?
We fled hard labour and brutal pain,
And here we are and here remain.

(Repeat first verse.)

As sung by Cockersdale on "Wide Open Skies." Cockersdale got the song from John
Warner's "Pithead in the Fern."

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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