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Angus McTavish McTarvish Dundee

Angus McTavish McTarvish Dundee

There was a red squirrel lived up in a tree,
Name of Andrew McFergus McTavish Dundee.
Frisking high in the branches, oh, merry was he,
Was Andrew McFergus McTavish Dundee.

He nibbled on nuts he had stored, don't you see,
This Andrew McFergus McTavish Dundee,
And he bombed all the picnickers under his tree,
Did Andrew McFergus McTavish Dundee.

Now if I were not myself, I'd much like to be
Like Andrew McFergus Mctavish Dundee.
I'd not pay the rent, my meals would be free,
I would smile at you from the top of a tree,
Beside Andrew McFergus Mctavish Dundee!"


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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