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Oh, Are You Sleeping Maggie

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Oh, Are You Sleeping Maggie

Mirk and rainy is the nicht
There's no a star in a' the carry
Lightening gleams across the sky
And winds they blaw wi winter fury

     O are you sleeping Maggie
     O are you sleeping Maggie
     Let me in , for loud the linn
     Is roaring o'er the warlocks craigie

Fearfu' flows the boortree bank
The rifted wood roars wild and dreary
Loud the iron yett does clank
And cry of howlets mak me eerie

Aboon my breath I daurna speak
For fear I'll rouse your wakeful daddie
Cauld's the blast upon my check
O rise, O rise, my bonnie lassie

She's op'ed the door, she's let him in
He's cruist aside his dreeping plaidie
Ye can blow ye worst, ye winds and rain
Since Maggie noo I'm in aside thee

     O noo that you're wakin, Maggie
     O noo that you're wakin, Maggie
     What care I for howlets cry
     For roaring linn or warlock's craigie.

   sung by Ray Fisher on Willie's Lady
     from Tannahill collection

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