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The Army Bean

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The Army Bean

There's a spot that the soldiers all love
The mess tent's the place that we mean,
And the dish that we like best to see
Is the old-fashioned white army bean.

cho: 'Tis the bean that we mean
     And we'll eat as we ne'er ate before;
     The army bean, nice and clean
     We'll stick to our beans evermore.

Now the bean in its primitive state
Is a plant we have all often met;
And when cooked in the old army style,
It has charms we can never forget.

The German is fond of sauerkraut
The potato is loved by the Mick;
But the soldiers have long since found out
That through life to our beans we should stick.

From Singing Soldiers, Glass

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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