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As-tu connu le pe\r Lanc'lot

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As-Tu Connu Le Pe\R Lanc'Lot

As-tu connu le Pe\r Lanc'lot?
     Goodbye, farewell, goodbye, farewell
Qui fait la pe^che aux cachalots
     Houra! O Mexico!

Il a trois filles qui font la peau
Il a trois filles qui font la peau

L'una a\ L'Orient, l'autre a\ Bordeaux
La troisie\me est a\ Colombo.

Il donne la goutte a/ ses mat'lots
A coups de barre et de guindeau

Il mange la viande, nous laiss' les os
Il boit du vain, et toi de l'eau.

A la manoeuvre le bosco
Te dress a\ coups de cabillot.

note: This is obviously a French version of the English
song Goodbye Fare-ye-well, but Jean Matelot used it
for hauling instead of heaving. SH

Do ye know old Father Lancelot?
     Goodbye, farewell, goodbye, farewell
He who fishes for bib cachelot
     Hurrah, Oh Mexico!

He has three daughters-trollops all
He has three daughters-trollops all

One in Lorient, another in Bordeaux
The third she lives in Colombo

He gives us sailors gout, me boys
With his handling of the helm and windlass

He eats meat-for us the bones.
He drinks wine, but water for you.

When we're working ship, the old hunchback,
Drills us with a belaying-pin across the back.

From Songs of the Sea, Hugill

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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