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At My Window

At My Window
(Townes Van Zandt)

At my window, watchin' the sun go;
Hopin' the stars know it's time to shine.
Daydreams aloft on dark wings; soft as the sun streams at day's decline.
Livin' is laughin'; dyin' says nothin' at all.
My babe and I lyin' here watchin' the evenin' fall.

Well time flows through brave beginnings
And she leaves her endings beneath or feet.
Walk lightly upon their faces; leave gentle traces upon their sleep.
Ah, livin' is dancin' and dyin' does nothin' at all.
Babe and I lyin' here, watchin' the evenin' fall.

Three dimes, hard luck, and good times, fast lines and low rhymes;
Ain't much to say.
Feel fine, feel low and lazy, feel grey and hazy, feel far away.
Ah, livin' is sighin' and dyin' ain't for lyin' so hard.
Babe and I lyin' here watchin' a day go by.

Copyright Townes Van Zandt

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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