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The Atrocity Song

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The Atrocity Song

Burn the town and kill the people
Throw a baby from a steeple
rob and steal and what we take will
Aid our victory.

We will mutilate the dying
Scalp the wounded, skin the crying
Burn their barns and while they're frying
We'll sit down to tea.

     From the highest roof top (stomp stomp)
     You shall hear a pin drop (stomp stomp)
     We came down, wiped out the town
     Made off with all the livestock and the corn crop (stomp stomp)

Rob and kill and give no quarter
Piss into the drinking water
Kill the fathers rape the daughters
Rangers All Are We!

This is another "Ranger Song" from the American Revolution Bicentennial.
Again, it is of modern origin with an ancient tune.
(Sung to Men of Harlech)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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