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Aunt Sue

Aunt Sue
(Pete Sutherland)

One day in a book store I happened to look
And I found her name written in an old song book
A ballad she'd written was printed on the page
Just the way her mother taught it in her old age

cho: And I know more tunes than the man in the moon
     And each flying phrase is a sweet living thing
     But I'll lay down my fiddle just once could I hear
     My dad's Aunt Susan sing

Well I asked my daddy did you know your Aunt Sue
Did she sing the Gypsy Davey or Two Sisters for you
With your milk and your cookies did she serve you up a song
Oh dad do you remember though it's been so long

My dad kind of chuckled and he nodded his head
You great Aunt Sue was quite a character he said
She could tan the livin hair off a young boys hide
She could tell us kids a story make us laugh till we cried

But songs I dont remember, couldnt tell you what kind
She must have known some hymns though I wouldn'a paid no mind
Theose old folks were always singing some old parlor song
More than that I could'nt tell you, it's been too long

Once the songs were passed along from mother down to child
And each family sang them in their own fine style
Songs that seemed they'd last forever soon grew stranger every day
Till no one cared to listen and they faded away

Well I had to learn Aunt Susan's song from that old book I bought
I could sing it for you know right or wrong it's all I've got
For the voice that could have taught me has been still some 40 years
I just strain to hear the echo that will never leave my ears


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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