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Babes in the Woods (5)

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Babes in the Woods (5)

 And then those pretty little babes
 Did wander up and down,
 And never more did see that man
 Approaching from the town.

 Their little lips with blackberries
 Were all besmeared and dyed
 And when the darksome night came on
 They set them down and cried.

 In each other's arms they died,
 Grim death did end their grief.
 Little Robin Redbreast pitiful-lie
 Covered them up with leaves.

- that's in Sharp's
 English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians.
 Unlike many of the tunes in the book there are no other variants. Sharp says
 the tune is in Chrisite's Traditional Ballad Airs and Chappell's Music of
 the Olden Times - a later source would be McGills Folk Songs of the
 Kentucky Mountains.


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