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Bachelor's Hall

Bachelor's Hall

I rode seven horses all to death
I rode them till they had no breath
I wore five saddles to the trees
But none of those girls would marry me

Those women will fret those women will fuss
They'll spend five hours before their glass
The Devil take all I'll have none at all
Always stay single, keep Bachelor's Hall

     Stay, stay close to my door
     Bachelor's Hall, Bachelor's Hall
     I'll always stay single, keep Bachelor's Hall

The women round here they live by the door
They hear a word and repeat it twice o'er
Then they add to it as much as they please
Always stay single, a bachelor man

Bachelor's Hall is always the best
If you're sick, drunk or sober it's always a rest
No woman to scold you no children to bawl
Always stay single, keep Bachelor's Hall


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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