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A Ballynure Ballad

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A Ballynure Ballad

As I was goin' to Ballynure,
The day I well remember,
For to view the lads and lasses
On the fifth day of November,
With a ma-ring-doo-a-day,
With a ma-ring-a-doo-a-daddy oh.

As I was goin' along the road
When homeward I was walking,
I heard a wee lad behind a ditch-a
To his wee lass talking,
With a ma-ring-----etc.

Said the wee lad to the wee lass
"It's will ye let me kiss ye,
For it's I have the cordial eye
That far exceeds the whiskey,"
With a ma-ring-----etc.

This cordial that ye talk about
There's very few o' them gets it,
For there's nothin' now but crooked combs
And muslin gowns can catch it.
With a ma-ring-----etc.

Repeat second verse


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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