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Banana Republics

Banana Republics
(Steve Goodman )

 G        Am
Down to the Banana Republics down to the tropical sun.
             D                  G
Come the expatriated American expecting to have some fun.

Some of them come for the sailing drawn by the lure of the sea.
    D                                 G
To cure the spirit that's ailing from living in the land of the free.

Some of them are running from lovers leaving no forward address.
    D                                       G
Some of them are running marijuana some are running from the IRS.

 Dm                                  Am
Late at night you can see them in the cheap hotels and bars.
 C              G                D                G
Hustling the senoritas as they dance beneath the stars.
 Dm                             Am
Spending the renegade pesos on a bottle of rum and a lime.
         C                         G             D            G
Singing give me some words I can dance to and a melody that rhymes.

Once you learn the native customs and a word of Spanish or two.

D                                     G
Then you know you can't trust them because they know they can't trust you.

Down to the Banana Republics it is not always as warm as it seems.
      D                                 G
When none of the natives are buying and second have American Dreams.
Expatriated American are feeling so all alone.
  D                                       G
Telling themselves the same lies that they told themselves at home.

Copyright Turnpike Tom Music

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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