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It Was on One Monday Morning

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It Was on One Monday Morning

It was on one Monday morning just by the break of day,
Our ship she weighed her anchors and she was bound for sea;
Our ship she weighed her anchors, to the westward we were bound
Where the hills and dales were covered with pretty girls all round.

There was a man came to us just in his tender youth,
Came to his best beloved to let her understand,
Came to his best beloved to let her understand
That he was going to leave her bound to a foreign land.

"O do not say so, Willie, these words will break my heart,
Let you and I get married this night before we part,
It is six long years or better since I've been promised to thee,
So stay at home, dear Willie, be kind and marry me."

"If I should stay at home, love, some other would take my place
Wouldn't that be a scandal, likewise a great disgrace?
For the king is wanting seamen and I for one must go,
And for my very life, love, I dare not answer no."

"My yellow locks I will cut off, men's clothing I'll put on,
And I will be your waiting-man.
No storm nor danger will I fear, let them be ever so great,
Like a true and faithful servant I'll wait on your estate."

"O do not say so, Polly, thy words have gained my heart,
Let's you and I get married this night before we part,"
And now those couple are married, they're sailing o'er the main,
May kind providence protect them till they return again.

From Maritime Folk Songs, Creighton
Sung by Mr. Cornelius (West) Boutilier, Wingin' Point, August, 1952.
Note: A switch on the usual. RG
DT #442
Laws N8

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