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The Banks of the Roses (4)

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The Banks of the Roses (4)

When I was a young thing, my mother used to say,
That I'd be a rovin' lass and easy led astray;
Before I would work, sure, I'd rather sport and play,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of the roses.

cho: On the banks of the roses, my love and I sat doon
     He's ta'en oot his German flute to play his love a tune,
     In the middle o' the tune, noo, the bonnie lassie cried:
     "O it's Johnnie dear, O Johnnie dinna leave me!"

For he's ta'en oot a wee penknife as sharp as any lance (dart?)
And he's plunged it right in tae yon bonnie lassie's hairt
He plunged it right in tae yon bonnie lassie's hairt
And he left her lyin' low amang the roses.

Noo, come a' ye traivellin' lasses, a warnin' tak by me
It's never let a Gorgi lad an inch abune your knee,
For if ye dae, ye'll be sure for to rue
For he'll leave ye lying low amang the roses.

From Travellers' Songs, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from John MacDonald
DT #513


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