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The Old Shawnee

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The Old Shawnee

I ask my love to take a walk,
To take a walk a little way;
And as we walk we'll sweetly talk
0f when shall be the wedding day.

  Then only say that you'll be mine,
  And your home shall happy be,
  Where the silent waters roll,
  On the banks of the old Shawnee.

She said, "To that I'll ne'er consent,"
And he says, "Your life I'll take."
"My life you'll take instead of me,
For I ne'er shall give away."

He drew a knife across her breast,
And in anger she did cry,
"O Willie dear, don't murder me,
For I am not fit to die!"

He took her by her long black hair,
And he threw her on the ground,
And drew her to the river side,
And left her alone to die.

Tune not supplied; sings to Banks of the Ohio
DT #628
Laws F5
from Louise Pound, "American Ballads and Songs"

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