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Superintendent Barrett

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Superintendent Barrett

Oh, Sherlock Holmes is deid lang syne,        [long time (ago)]
In some forgotten garret;
But a' o' youse hae heard the news,
O' Superintendent Barrett.

He cam' up here in Javiveer,                  [January]
The day it was a Monday.
He crossed the border, deep in snaw           [snow]
And wished to hell he hadnae.

But a' he got when cam' north,
Was, "Here" and "There," and "Yonder."
He flee'd aboot in a high-speed car
But his clues would only daunder.             [disappear]

"Four days o' frost, I want nae more."
He tell't the Scottish polis.                 [police]
Ye can keep yer stane, an' the yins wha ta'en it."
And aff he gaed hame, clawless.               [without clues]

Oh Sherlock Holmes is deid land syne
In some forgotten garret.
But that's good luck, for Holmes would boke   [puke]
If he heard the name o' Barrett.

(Tune: Barbara Allen)

     The Stone of Scone, on which the Bruce was crowned, is a
basic symbol of Scottish culture and nationalism.  Therefore, it
was "removed" to Westminister Abbey by the English.
     It was "removed" from Westminister Abbey by person or
persons unknown on 12/25/51.  There was considerable
investigation and a similar rock was eventually recovered.
Several forged copies were then displayed which were identical to
the "recovered" one.
     I believe the whereabouts of the original is still an open
question. The Scots thought this was pretty funny and several
songs appeared to honor the circumstances.  (Also see "The Wee
Magic Stane.") AJS

From the singing of Ewan MacColl, perhaps on _Bad Lads and Hard Cases_
Riverside RLP 12-632 (1957).

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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