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Barry's Boys

Barry's Boys
(June Reizner)

We're the bright young men
Who want to go back to nineteen-ten
We're Barry's boys.
We're the kids with a cause
Yes a government like grandmama's
We're Barry's boys.
We're the new kind of youth at your Alma Mater
Back to silver standards and solid Goldwater
Back to when the poor were poor and rich were rich
And you felt so damn secure just knowing which were which.

We're the kids who agree
To be social without security
We're Barry's boys
'Cause his hat's in the ring
Where Westbrook Pegler once was king
Now he's too left wing
So if you don't recognize any old Red China
Or Canada, or Britain, or South Carolina
You too can join the crew
Tippecanoe and Nixon too
Back to Barry
Back to cash and carry
Back to Barry's boys.

     Why did the chicken cross the road?
     To get from the left to the right.

     Roses are red, violets are blue
     Walter Lippmann's a pinko, too.

     A-na-ka-nee, ka-nah, ka-nay
     Let's investigate the PTA.

     Barry, Barry, make your bid
     I love John Birch, but oh you kid.

     Mother, mother, wear a grin
     And don't complain, or we'll turn you in.

     Hold the presses, stop the mail
     The Pentagon's having a one-cent sale.

     What's the latest news statistic?
     Hootenannies are socialistic.

     Shut the door and lock and latch it
     Here comes Lizzie with a brand new hatchet


We're the kids full of nerve
As long as it's conserv-
ative we're Barry's boys
And we can't comprehend
Why our parents aren't friend-
lier to Barry's boys
Why Dad once crusaded for Sacco/Vanzetti
Now all we're doing is doing the same for John Paul Getty
Our parents emulated Roosevelt and Farley
But we just want to grow up to be like Ev and Charley

No college days with Socrates and Plato
When you're Barry's boys
You just organize parades for the abolishment of NATO
And the rest
The entire West
So let's go back to the days when men were men
And start the First World War all over again
That's right you tell 'em son
Isolationism can be fun
Back to Barry
Back to cash and carry
Back to Barry

And remember, "An American first, and a politician second."
Spoken like a true American politician

Back with Barry
Not with Lyndon, Ike or Harry
Back with Barry's boys.

Copyright Mills Music Inc (ASCAP)
recorded by The Chad Mitchell Trio
on Reflecting, Mercury SR 60891 / MG 20891


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