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Brian Og and Molly Bawn

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Brian Og and Molly Bawn

Oh come listen to my story Molly Bawn
For I'm bound for death of glory, Molly Bawn
For I've listed in the Army where no more eyes can harm me,
Faith they'd kill me though they charm me, Molly Bawn

Wisha Brian, you been drinkin' now, you rogue
I can tell it by your winking, Brian Og
But you'd ne'er be such a villain as take the Saxon Shillin'
And to do their dirty killin', Brian Og

And shure what will all the boys say, Brian Og
That you've turned a red-coat h'athen, Brian Og
Go list so, if it please you, ach ya villian, do not tease me
Sure you'd drive a cailín crazy, Brian Og

'Twas yourself that drove me to it, Molly Bawn,
When you read my death you'll rue it, Molly Bawn
When I die mid' foemen wrestlin' where the balls like hail are whistlin'
Aye, and bloody bayonets bristlin' Molly Bawn

And the last words I'll be speakin', Molly Bawn
When me soul its leave is takin', Molly Bawn,
'An Grádh mo Croidhe mo Storín your old sweetheart Brian Ogín
For you his blood is pourin', Molly Bawn

Shure I done it all to prove you, Brian Og,
But I hate -- Oh no, I love you, Brian Og.
But keep up your heart, a Cara, for I'll buy you out tomorrow
'Tho I die of shame and sorrow Brian Og

And to think that you should doubt me, Brian Og
And meself so wild about you, Brian Og
Would let that thief Phil Dornan come and wed me in the mornin'
Faith you might have given me warnin' Brian Og

Oh I'm strong and hale and hearty, Molly Bawn
Sure I'm one like Bonaparty, Molly Bawn
And the divil a list I listed, for the Sergeant tried and missed it
And your mind, now, you've confessed it, Molly Bawn

Sure I'm kilt right out with schamin', Brian Og
It's meself that thinks it shamin', Brian Og,
Since you didn't take the shillin' just to save your life I'm willin'
To get wed
(they kiss, this isn't a lyric but an action)
Behave you villain, Brian Og


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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