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Some Talk of Ronald Reagan

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Some Talk of Ronald Reagan
(David Diamond)
Tune: British Grenadiers

Some talk of Ronald Reagan
The Russian bugger too,
But we've got Maggie Thatcher
And we know what to do.
They've bombs to finish us all off
A dozen times or more,
But if they do, we'll drop ours too
And even up the score.

So many politicians,
All flavoured Red and Blue
Who take delight, by day and night
To tell us what to do.
They're spouting their dogmatic creeds
While we stand by and curse:
As soon as we get this lot out
The next lot turn out worse.

Khaddafi and Khoumeni,
And Idi Amin too,
Not to mention Adolf Hitler
Yes, we've had quite a few.
They came to fame midst great acclaim
You could hear the people shout.
It's easy as sin to put them in,
It's hell to get them out.

They've raised the price of housing,
They've raised the price of booze,
They've put the value added tax
On everything we use.
A man climbed in my bedroom
From the Inland Revenue
He said "We've put a tax on sex,
It's fifteen pence a screw".
We do not need their theories
On how to run the show.
We do not need quotations
From the book of Chairman Mao.
Mein Kampf and Das Kapital
Don't leave us overjoyed.
For what it's worth, we want peace on Earth
And a chance to be employed.


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