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Let Your Back and Sides Go Bare

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Let Your Back and Sides Go Bare

I would sooner be a beggar as a king
I'll tell you the reason why:
A king cannot swagger or walk like a beggar
Or be half so happy as I.

cho: Let your back and sides go bare, me boys
     Hands and feet grow cold.
     But give to your belly, boys, ale enough
     Whether it be new or old.

I've sixpence in me pocket and I worked hard for that
Landlord, here it is.
There isn't any Turk going to make me work
While the beggin' is as good as it is.

Sometimes we call at a nobleman's hall
Beg for bread and beer.
Sometimes we are lame, sometimes we are blind
Sometimes too deaf too hear.

Sometimes we lie like hogs in a sty,
Frost and snow on the ground.
Sometimes eat a crust that's rolled in the dust
And be thankful if that can be found.

Recorded by David Jones- Cruisin' Round Yarmouth
Popularized, as far as I know, by RAF pilots in WWII-RG
See also BACK&SID

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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