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Beautiful Meath

Beautiful Meath

I've travelled many counties in Ireland
but there's still one I'm longing to see
it has been a part of my homeland
and it brings back fond memories to me
where I wandered alone in my childhood
reviewing the sights I once seen
as I walked through the parks and the forests
'round the beautiful county of Meath.

cho: Oh, beautiful Meath, you've got all that I need,
     your rivers they flow with delight
     your fields are so green, there's plains to be seen
     and your towns are so gay and so bright
     fishing down on the Boyne, I remember the time
     you would think it was all just a dream
     and wherever you roam, there's no place like home
     and the beautiful county of Meath.

I've seen Eire's beautiful castles
and it's history I've learned so well
I've read of the high kings of Tara
and the wonderful Book of Kells
where the slain still remember St. Patrick
he lit a fire for the people to see
'ere he brought love and kindness to Ireland
and the beautiful County of Meath.

(repeat chorus twice)

and whereever you roam, there's no place like home,
and the beautiful county of Meath.

Copyright Green Grass Music
Recorded by mary Duff in 1987 (her debut single) and
also appearing on the album ""Thoughts of Ireland"" (1992)
Ritz Records CD# RCD519/Cassette# RC519


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