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The Beggarman (3)

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The Beggarman (3)

There once was a man, and for beggin' he was bound
   To my Right Fol the lol and me dandy, O
He rapped upon a door about a mile outside of town
   To my toora loora loora loora dandy, O.

The lady she got up for to bar up the door,
The beggarman he grabbed her and he rolled her on the floor.

The lady she got up about an hour before the day
For to try and catch the beggarman before he got away.

"Oh beggarman, oh beggarman, oh what might be your name?"
"So that when my baby's born I can call him the same."

"Oh, when your baby's born, you can dandle it on your knee"
"You can call it Davy Jones, or the Duke of Aberdeen."
"But if you were a right girl as I took ye for to be,"
"You'd be sitting in your carriage, riding down the road wi' me."

Sung by Dyer Bennet
Child #279

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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