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The Bell Ringing

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The Bell Ringing

One day in October neither drunken nor sober
O'er Broadbury Down I was making my way
When I heard of some ringing Some dancing and singing
I ought to remember that jubilee day

cho: 'Twas in Ashwater town, the bells they did sound
     They rang for a hat and a belt laced with gold
     But the men of North Lew rang so steady and true
     That there never were better in Devon I hold

'Twas misunderstood for the men of Broadwood
Gave a blow on the tenor ne'er ought'a been
But the men of North Lew rang so faultlessly true
A difficult matter to beat them 'twould ha been

They of Broadwood being naughty then said to our party
We'll ring you a challenge again in a round
We'll give you a chance at St. Stephen's or Launceston
the prize to the winners a note of five pound

cho: 'Twas in Callington Town the bells next did sound etc.

When the match it came on At good Callington
The bells they rang out o'er the valleys below
Then old and young people the hale and the feeble
They came out to hear the sweet bell music flow

cho: 'Twas at Callington town the bells they did sound etc.

Those of Broadwood once more were obliged to give o'er
They were beaten completely and done in a round
For the men of North Lew pull so steady and true
That no better than they in the West can be found

cho: 'Twas in Ashwater town then in Callington Town They rang etc.

The song came from the collection "Songs of the West" by S.Baring Gould
The author is unknown  but I haven't heard it sung for many many years in
England. BS


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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