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Benny Havens, Oh

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Benny Havens, Oh

Come, fill your glasses, fellows, and stand up in a row,
To singing sentimentally we're going for to go;
In the army there's sobriety, promotion's very slow,
So we'll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens', oh!

cho: Oh! Benny Havens', oh!  Oh!  Benny Havens', oh!
     We'll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens', oh!

Let us toast our foster-father, the Republic, as you know,
Who in the paths of science taught us upward for to go;
And the maidens of our native land, whose cheeks like roses glow
They're oft remembered in our cups at Benny Havens', oh!

To the ladies of our Army our cups shall ever flow,
Companions in our exile and our shield' gainst every woe;
May they see their husbands generals, with double pay also,
And join us in our choruses at Benny Havens', oh!
Come fill up to our generals, God bless the brave heroes.
They're an honor to their country, and a terror to their foes;
May they long rest on their laurels, and troubles never know
But live to see a thousand years at Benny Havens', oh!

To our kind old Alma Mater, our rock-bound Highland home,
We'll cast back many a fond regret as o'er life's sea we roam;
Until on our last battlefield the lights of heav'n shall glow,
We'll never fail to drink to her and Benny Havens', oh.

May the Army be augmented, promotion be less slow,
May our country in the hour of need be ready for the foe;
May we find a soldier's resting-place beneath a soldier's blow
With room enough beside our graves for Benny Havens', oh!

And if amid the battle shock our honor e'er should trail,
And hearts that beat beneath its folds should turn or basely quail
Then may some son of Benny's, with quick avenging blow,
Lift up the flag we loved so well at Benny Havens', oh!
To our comrades who have fallen, one cup before we go,
They poured their life-blood freely out pro bono publico.
No marble points the stranger to where they rest below;
They lie neglected far away from Benny Havens', oh!

When you and I and Benny, and all the others, too,
Are called before the "final board" our course in life to view,
May we never "fess" on any point, but straight be told to go
And join the army of the blest at Benny Havens', oh!


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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