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Benjie Met the Bear

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Benjie Met the Bear
(Pat Shaw)

Benjie met the bear, the bear met Benjie.
The bear was bulgy, the bulge was Benjie.


Sung as a two part round.

Based on the poem "Angie Met the Bear"

     The grizzly bear is fierce and wild
     It has devoured the infant child
     The infant child is not aware
     It has been eaten by the grizzly bear

(Note: I don't know this poem; it is virtually the same as
Hillaire Belloc's:

Children, behold the monster wild
Has gobbled up the Infant Child!
The Infant Child is not aware
It has been swallowed by a Bear.
ALternate words: (Anon)
Lucy met the train
The train met Lucy
The track was juicy
The juice was Lucy.

Copyright Pat Shaw

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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