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I Met a Man Wha Speer'd at Me

I Met a Man Wha Speer'd at Me

     I met a man wha speer'd at me,
     Grow there berries in the sea?
     I answered him by speering again,
     Is there skate on Clochnaben?

     There was a hielandman axed at me,
     What, grows there berries into the sea?
     As I could answer him again,
     What, grows there skate upon Cloch-na-ben?

     (1) Chambers PRS 1847; MacLennan SNR (1909), 18; Nicht
     at Eenie (1932), 28.
     (2) Paul, Past & Present of Aberdeenshire (1881), 158
     (no. 33).
awak'd it forc'd her to weep;he dreaming lay, and thought her
and references.  Clochnaben is a hill in Aberdeenshire.  This
may be a floater, turning up in versions of "I Once Loved a


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