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Bessie of Ballydubray

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Bessie of Ballydubray

He called to his servant to saddle his steed.
O'er hills and high mountains he rode with great speed
Until he arrived at the noontime of day
At the cot of young Bessie in Ballydubray.

Bessie's own father stood at his own gate,
With looks most afleaing bewailing his fate.
The young Lord approached him to afford him relief.
"And now," he said, "tell me the cause of your grief."

"I had but one daughter," the old man did say,
"And now she lies sleeping in Ballydubray.
It's all for a young man who led her astray
Away from her young friends in Ballydubray."

"I am the traitor," the young Lord replied,
"But I honestly told her I'd make her my bride.
Now that she's dead as the vision now say,
I'll lie by her side in Ballydubray."

Out from his scabbard his saber he drew.
With looks most affecting he pierced his heart through
And as he was dying these words he did say,
"Lay me down with bonny Bessie in Ballydubray."

All things were got ready to lay him in his grave
And it's down with bonny Bessie this young Lord was laid

DT #596
Laws P28

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