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Beware, Oh Take Care

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Beware, Oh Take Care
(Blind Alfred Blake)

They say young men are bold and free
     Beware, Oh take care.
They'll tell you they're friends, but they're false, you see
     Beware, Oh take care.

cho: Beware, young ladies, they're fooling you,
     Trust them not, they're fooling you!
     Beware, young ladies, they're fooling you,
     Beware, Oh take care.

Around their necks they wear a guard
And in their pocket a deck of cards.

They smoke, they chew, they wear fine shoes
And in their pocket is a bottle of booze.

They hold their hands up to their hearts
     They sigh, Oh they sigh,
They say they love no one but you
     They lie, Oh they lie.

Recorded by New Lost City Ramblers

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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