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Ode to Biddy McGee

Ode to Biddy McGee

 When I was young and in me prime
 I courted Biddy McGee
 A fine, big, strapping lump of a woman
 And she stood about two foot three
 Her father was a mean old creature
 He had plenty of gold and land
 But he rared up dog rough
 The dirty, mean, old, miserable, old devil
 When I asked for his daughter's hand

 I resolved there and then for Molly's sake
 That the two of us would elope
 I borrowed the ladder from Mickey O'Brien
 And twenty yards of good, strong, strapping rope
 I put the ladder up the Molly's boudoir
 That's French for a woman's bed
 But the ladder broke and the whole
 Twenty stone fell down on me bloody head

 Well I threw her into the ass and chart
 And for the clergy we set out
 I found father Nagle in McCarth's pub
 With his head in a barrell of stout
 He looked at me with his bleary old eyes
 And sized Molly up and down
 Oh I pity you my son, I'm dying of the thirst
 Will you buy me two bottles of stout
 I'll only charge you half a crown

 Well, do you take this fine, big, strapping lump of woman
 To be your lawful wedded wife
 Will you feed her bacon and cabbage and spuds
 For the rest of your natural life
 And when the icy winds blow around her old legs
 Will you guard her from the chill
 Oh will you buy me another bottle of stout
 I'm dying with the drought
 Ah be Jesus father I will

 Now, I've been married for twenty years
 And I don't regret one day
 And that was last Wednesday fortnight
 She told me she was in the family way
 I threw her into the ass and chart
 And she landed like a sack
 I brought her back to her old father
 I said listen here you dirty, mean, old, rotten, old, miserable, Old devil
 You can have your daughter back.

 (Recorded by The Wolfe Tones)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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