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Ludgin' wi' Big Aggie

Ludgin' Wi' Big Aggie

Ah wis ludgin' wi' Big Aggie, just me an' ither ten,
We a' slept thegither in a wee bit single en';
We had nae beds at a', we just slept against the wa',
In oor ain wee hoose, in oor ain wee hoose.

Last Saturday for supper we got sausage on a plate;
I was just aboot to eat it when the sausage it said Wait,
Afore ye start on me, I was made in 1903;
And I went stane blin' when the sausage it did rin
Fae oor ain wee hoose, fae oor ain wee hoose.

We had rabbit for oor dinner, man, I couldnae stand the pain.
In fact one fella snuffed it, and anither went insane.
Aggie said it was the flu, but I don't think that's quite
For oor dug ca'd Prince has been missing ever since
Fae oor ain wee hoose, fae oor ain wee hoose.

[From the singing of Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor.]

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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