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Big Legged Woman

Big Legged Woman

Raise up baby get your big leg off mine (repeat)
  Theyre so heavy make a good man change his mind.

I asked you baby to come and hold my hand (repeat)
  Send me word that you'd rather see me dead.

Im goin Im goin your cryin wont make me stay (repeat)
  More you cry the further you drive me away.

Some crave high yellow, I like black and brown (repeat)
  Black wont quit you, brown wont lay you down.

It was late at midnight and the moon shine bright like day
  I seen your faror goin up the right of way.

note: Here's a version from ""Country Blues Songbook"" ed by
Stefan Grossman et al, l973, and this is attributed to
Mississippi John Hurt. Faror said to be a Mississippi synonym
for girl friend.SX


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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