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Big Train (From Memphis)

Big Train (From Memphis)
(John Fogerty)

When I was young
I spent my summer days
Playin' on the track
The sound of the wheels
Rollin' on the steel
Took me out took me back

cho: Big Train from Memphis
     Big Train from Memphis
     Now it's gone gone gone
     gone gone gone

Like no one before
He let out a roar
And I just had to tag along
Each night I went to bed
With the sound in my head
And the dream
Was a song



Well I've rode 'em in
And back out again
You know what they say about trains
But I'm tellin' you
When that Memphis train came through
This ol' world
Was not the same


p.s. This song is about that Memphis rockabilly sound, you know, Elvis and
     those guys. And it only uses the correct three chords. Call it

copyright John Fogerty, 1984


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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