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Bingo in the Morning

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Bingo in the Morning
(Mike Donald)

Once we had a lovely house; we even owned a yacht,
Now we have a caravan parked on the Council plot.
The cousin's playing Bingo, me Grannies at it too.
You'd better watch the Bingo, it's worse than Asian 'flu,

Cho: It's Bingo in the morning and it's Bingo late at night
     It's Bingo on our holidays - it gives you quite a fright
     Me mother sold me sister to buy a Bingo card
     Since mother took up Bingo, life's been very hard

The family had a funeral to lay an Aunt to rest,
So many solemn faces the Vicar tried his best
By shouting out the numbers so the people they could play
And someone shouted Bingo as the coffin slid away.

After courting ten years I decided I should wed.
I went to see the Doctor and the guidance books I read
But when I popped the question, my heart it really sank
I can't get married Saturday, it's Bingo at Top Rank.

copyright EFDS Publications 1974

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