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Little Birdie Went Away

Little Birdie Went Away

Little birdie went away up to the front the other day
With a smile upon his lips and his two little pips
Upon his shoulders bright and gay
As the train moved out he said, "Remember me to all my birds!"
And he waved his paw and he went to war
Saying these pathetic words:

"Goodby-ee, don't cry-ee,
Wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee.
Although it's hard to part, I know
But I'll be tickled to death to go:
Don't sigh-ee, don't cry-ee
For there's a silver lining in the sky-ee:
Bon soir, old thing, cheerio, chin chin!
Napoo, toodle-oo, goodby-ee!"

Collected from Sapper John J. Maclean (WW II) at
     Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver, November 1976


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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