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Bitter Words

Bitter Words
(Roger Gall, 1999)

Cho:      Bitter words, sung sweetly,
     The whole truth, but not completely
     Bitter words.... Sung sweetly by you
     My world, broken in a minute
     My life and all that's in it
     My world.... Is broken in two
     Bitter words, sung sweetly by you.

I looked up to see the sun. Instead, I saw the moon.
Somehow, the words don't fit the tune.
When I first heard it, no wonder I got it wrong:
I knew the singer but not the song.
Well, you sang so sweet, that music to my ear,
It's just those words I don't want to hear.
Your timing was OK and the place was fine,
But there's no right place and no right time.

It don't matter how you disguise it; when you aim that low,
It still feels like a hammer blow.
If you don't see it coming, you can't break your fall;
You just take the full force of it all.
I thought I was "boxing clever," then I hit the floor.
Like a fool, I stood up for more.
I thought we were only sparring, but this was the "big show."
Why was I the last one to know?


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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