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Bonnie Black Hare

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Bonnie Black Hare

One morning in autumn by the dawn of the day
With my gun in good order I straight took my way
To hunt for some game to the woods I did steer
To see if I could find my bonnie black hare

I met a young damsel, her eyes black as sloes
Her teeth white as ivory, her cheeks like a rose
Her hair hung in ringlets on her shoulders bare
Sweet maiden, I cried, Did you see my bonnie black hare

This morning a-hunting I have been all around
But my bonnie black hare is not to be found
The maid she then answered and at him did stare
I never yet heard of, or saw, a black hare

My gun is in good order, my balls are also
And under your smock I was told she did go
So delay me no longer, I cannot stop here
One shot I will fire at your bonnie black hare

His gun he then loaded, determined he was
And instantly laid her down on the green grass
His trigger he drew, his balls he put near
And fire one shot at her bonnie black hare

Her eyes they did twinkle and smiling did say
How often, dearest sportsman, do you come this way
There is few in this country can with you compare
So fire once again at my bonnie black hare

His gun he reloaded and fired once more
She cried, draw your trigger and never give o'er
Your powder and balls are so sweet I declare
Keep shooting away at my bonnie black hare

He said, my dear maiden, my powder is all gone
My gun is out of order, I cannot ram home
But meet me tomorrow, my darling so fair
And I'll fire once more at your bonnie black hare

Recorded by Carthy & Swarbrick on Byker Hill; Fairport
Convention on Angel Delight

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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