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Bo Lamkin

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Bo Lamkin

Bo Lamkin was as fine a mason
As ever laid a stone
He built a fine castle
And pay he got none (repeat last 2 lines)

He swore by his Maker
He`d kill then unknown;
Beware of Bo Lamkin
While I'm gone from home.

Bo Lamkin he comes to the castle
And he knocked loud and long,
There was none as ready as a faultress, (false nurse)
She arose and let him in.

Oh where is the landlord ?
Or is he at home?
Oh, no, he's gone to merry England
For to visit his son.

How will we get her downstairs
Such a dark night as it is?
Stick pins and needles in the little baby,
Stick pins and needles in the little baby.

Bo Lamkin rocked the cradle
And the faultress she sung,
While the tears and the red blood
From the cradle did run.

The lady comin' downstairs
Not thinking no harm,
Bo Lamkin stood ready
He cotched her in his arms.

Bo Lamkin, Bo Lamkin,
Spare my life one hour,
You can have my daughter Betsy
My own blooming flower.

Bo Lamkin, Bo Lamkin,
Spare my life one day,
You can have all the gay gold
Your horse can tote away.

Oh keep your daughter Betsy,
For to go to the flood,
To scour the silver basin
That catches your heart`s blood.

Daughter Betsy was a-settin'
In the castle so high,
She saw her dear father come
A-ridin' hard by.

Dear father, dear father,
Come see what's been done.
Bo Lamkin has been here
And he's killed your dear son.

Bo Lamkin has been here,
He's killed your baby,
Bo Lamkin has been here
And killed your lady.

Bo Lamkin was hung
To the scaffold so high,
And the faultress was burned
To a stake standin' by.

recorded by Frank Profitt, Folk Legacy
Child #93

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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