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Black-Eyed Susie

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Black-Eyed Susie

cho: Hey, black-eyed Susie
     Hey, pretty little black-eyed Susie
     Hey, Black-eyed Susie,

All I want in this creation
'S a pretty little wife and a big plantation

Black-eyed Susie, 'bout half-grown
Jumps on a boy like a dog on a bone.

I got drunk and I got woozy
I woke up with black-eyed Susie

Susie and the boys went berry pickin'
Boys got drunk and Susie got a lickin'
Susie and the boys they went corn shuckin'
Boys got drunk and Susie got another lickin'

All I need to make me happy
'S two little boys to call me pappy.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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