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Black Joke (4)

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Black Joke (4)

You Rakes and Bullies and comical fops
you say that we sent you away with the pox
  with our Black Joke and belly so white.

But pox on you for comical fools
we scorn to meddle with such dirty Poor tools
  with our etc.

Its very weel known we are pritty Girl(s)
and that we are company for Lords and Earls
  with our etc.

And when into Essex street we come
the rakes and bullies the(y) turn up one bum
  with our etc.

And when we come to temple bar
Then we pick up a Jolly tar
  with our etc.
And when we come to featherbed lane
Our lovers will kindly us entertain
  with our etc..


(The whore's Answer to the Rakes (See BLCKJKE3)
Bodleian Library MS Mus. Sch. G 636 contains a song with music
"The Black Joak," commencing "No sooner comes a country clown."
Not seen. WBO


Play: BLCKJKE, from single sheet issue

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