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The Bold Privateer (2)

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The Bold Privateer (2)

O, my dearest Molly,
It's you and I must part
I'm going across the sea, my love
I leave with you my heart

     O who will go with me?
     O who will go with me?
     O who will go with me, my love
     I'm going across the sea.

The ship now is waiting
So fare you well, my dear
I'm going on board the vessel
A bold privateer.

O my dearest Johnny
Great dangers have been wrought
And many a sweet life
On the sea has been lost.

You'd better stay at home
With the girl that loves you dear,
Than venture your sweet life
A bold privateer.

O my dearest Molly
Your friends do me dislike,
Besides you have two brothers
That would freely take my life.

Come change your ring with me, my dear,
Come change your ring with me,
And that shall be your token
When I'm across the sea.

And when this war is ended
Should heaven spare my life,
I return home
To my intended wife.

So soon I'll get married
To charming Molly dear,
And then forever bid adieu
To the bold privateer.

From English Folksongs from the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Mary F. Gross, VA 1918
DT #486
Laws O32

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