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Bold Robinson

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Bold Robinson

Come all you young fellows
That delight in a little game;
Come listen unto me
And I will tell you plain.
It's of two champions bold
They fought for a sum of gold
And the talk was that young Robinson
Was sure to win the day.

cho: Young Tiley, huzzoo!
     Brave Tiley, huzzoo!
     Brave Robinson forever
     And young Tiley, huzzoo!
Their stage it had been builded
And the champions on the ground;
And fifty bright new guineas
These champions did put down.
And for fifty bright new guineas,
These champions they did play
And the talk was that young Robinson
Was sure to win the day.

'Twas in the fourteenth round, boys,
These champions they did meet,
With their bodies sorely wounded
And their hearts all full of grief,
When suddenly, young Tiley
Gave brave Robinson a blow,
Saying, I will be the champion,
Wherever I do go.

The battle being over
And young Tiley he had won.
A lady fell in love with him
For the victory be had gained.
And if he do recover
A gay wedding shall be seen.
But young Tiley he died
At the end of days three.

 Last chorus:
    Young Tiley, huzzoo!,
    Brave Robinson, huzzoo!
    And the ladies went in mourning
    For young Tiley, huzzoo.

From Room for Company, Palmer
Note:Robinson actually fought Tyler in 1856, resulting in a draw
after 16 rounds, or knock-downs, when the police broke it up
(boxing was illegal). Tyler died in 1858.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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